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Rosevale Park Santa Gertrudis

Rosevale Park Santa Gertrudis Stud No 1959 was registered in 2002. After many years of breeding a commercial Santa herd. Rosevale Park Santa Gertrudis has a strong commercial focus in mind with our stud breeding programme. We breed from strong female families and select for growth, structural soundness, temperament, fertility & type, longevity, our cattle have good constitution & are efficient easy doers in a range of environments as our bulls & females have been sold all over Queensland and to many areas of NSW to stud and commercial herds.

In the early years a number of heifers, cows & bulls were purchased from leading studs. A number of bloodlines containing Poll Genetics have been introduced into the herd. In 2008 we began an Artificial Insemination programme which will continue to run in the future to introduce new genetics into the herd from Rosevale, Dundee & Watasanta. The programme has produced Sires Rosevale Park Big Banana H24 & Rosevale Park Noddy K16 as well as some lovely females.

Commercial Sales: 7th Annual Warwick Santa and Santa Infused Sale and All breeds Store Sale was held on 21 April 2017 - a very successful sale attracting venders and purchasers from a wide area of Southern QLD and Northern NSW. Where steers topped 424c/kg – We won Champion Pen of Steers, Champion Pen Females and Grand Champion Pen.

Bulls & Females: We have been selling paddock bulls for a number of years & this year will again offer 15 bulls and 2 females from our leading sires and best cow families at Spring Classic All Breeds Bull & Female Sale Toowoomba Showgrounds 31 August 2017:

- Rosevale Park Marshall F10 – A top sire admired by many and multi and Grand Champion show bull.
- Greenup Beaumon Y132 – Dark Red poll sire who was still sound at 14yrs weighed over 1000kg
- Rosevale Park Marshall B12 – Correct moderate frame bull that puts muscling into his progeny.
- Rosevale Park Big Banana – Grown into a magnificent bull runs in a 1000+ acre paddock with 70 cows.
- Rosevale Park Oyster E12 – Successful Show bull with fine coat which he passes on to is progeny.
- Rosevale Park Pharoah H4 – A quality son of Bremervale Pharoah – putting muscling into progeny and has produced several winning show steers and have topped Warwick Cattle Sale on many occasions.

Sale bulls are vet checked, semen tested, scanned & fully vaccinated to guarantee their fertility & soundness.

A new feature at this years sale is the – Anipro Buyers & Venders Welcome Event – Wednesday 30th August 2017 – Toowoomba Showground – All Welcome – FREE ENTRY GATE 6 Its an opportunity for all Santa Gertrudis enthusiasts to view the sale Bulls and Females prior to the sale at 12.00pm on 31st August 2017

Contact Elders or Landmark for catalogues or view on facebook Elders Livestock page or Spring Classic All Breeds Bull Sale page.

Find us on the internet – Rosevaleparkstud.com.au
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